Sustainability Statement

Our Responsibility 

At LükBook we are on a mission to give plus women the best shopping experience on the planet without costing the earth. We are committed to running a sustainable business that continues to grow, thrive and serve the plus women community for years to come. We acknowledge that sustainability is a journey and we commit to continuously improving how we monitor, measure, report and minimise our social and environmental footprint. At LükBook we recognise the importance of fully understanding the social and environmental impacts of our organisation. From the issues that concern our people and customers, to the environmental impacts of our packaging and supply chain, our first responsibility is to understand and value these impacts so that we can then act on them. 

A Size 14+ Fashion Revolution

LükBook’s vision is to revolutionise 14+ fashion by making it unapologetically aspirational, completely attainable and easily accessible to all plus women. Every garment we sell has seven body measurement points and we are the only marketplace on the planet that does this, because we know what a big deal getting the right fit first time is. This  means less returns on items that don’t fit, which also means less carbon emissions. Accessibility is fundamental to LükBook achieving its purpose. We believe that the plus women community should be able to access not just fashionable clothing but sustainable clothing that doesn’t compromise on their ethics or personal values.

How your Leuk gets to you 

Your Lük is sent directly from our brands to your address. This efficient system means less emissions and saves on packaging. Your Lük is sent in a biodegradable mailer that is 100% home compostable. 

Brand Collaboration 

As a plus size women’s fashion marketplace, we acknowledge that most of our social and environmental footprint comes from our supply chain and the supply chains of our partner brands. This is why we are committed to working alongside our brands to help them on their own sustainability journeys. We also believe by leading through our own sustainable business practises, we will influence positive changes amongst the brands we work with.

What can you do

- Hand wash your Lük (garments) in cold water. It is better for the environment and will prolong the life of the garment.

- Use gentle plant-based detergents when washing your garments.

- Do not use a clothes dryer, air-dry your clothes flat in the shade to prevent colour fading and stretching of delicate pieces.

- Only buy pieces you know you'll use over and over again. We don’t want to see more waste (or our brands designs) ending up in landfill. 

-Donate or recycle preloved Lüks (garments).