66% of Australian women wear a size 14+, but all too often we feel left out of fashion.

LükBook is a one-stop fashion destination for size 14+ fashion, in which we are redefining what it means to be ‘fashionable’.

In our world, fashion has no size and is a pleasure everyone can experience.



We believe everyone has the right to show up in the world just as they are.

We are on a mission to revolutionise 14+ fashion by making it unapologetically aspirational, completely attainable, and easily accessible for all.

We are built on three fundamental pillars: Fashion, Fit and Family:

Fashion: Curating a collection of the best curve brands, just for you!

Fit: Detailed fit information and a Fit Guarantee - giving you assurance when you shop with us.

Family: Shopping should be fun and social! Chat with your fellow customers and get rewarded for your style tips and photos.


Our name plays on the established concept of a fashion lookbook - where designers, stylists and models show off their best looks.

The unconventional spelling is a deliberate choice. For too long, plus customers have been left out of fashion - we like to think we're putting the 'U' back into fashion!

Together, our name encapsulates our ethos as a brand: a fun and inclusive approach to fashion, through which we are rewriting the narrative of what it means to be a chic, stylish woman.


We are committed to running a sustainable business that continues to grow, thrive and serve the plus community for years to come.

We acknowledge that sustainability is a journey and we commit to continuously improving how we monitor, measure, report and minimise our social and environmental footprint.

Check out our full sustainability statement here.