A word from our CEO

A plus size woman poses in swimwear

Hi, hola, salut!

I’m Katrina, CEO and Co-Founder of LükBook, and I’m so happy that you’ve found our fabulous, fashionable...and above all inclusive, corner of the internet!

First up, let’s get something straight: I’m not a fashion designer. I didn’t even have a long-held dream of building a fashion company. I’m just a plus size woman who found online shopping completely, utterly, bone-achingly exhausting.

Have you ever ever stopped to think about how many fashion pages you follow on social media? Or how many hours you spend trawling the depths of the internet to find an outfit that makes you feel like the bad ass you are? Same.

That is, in a nutshell, why I created LükBook. Our team does the legwork for you, with over 20 of Australia and New Zealand’s best plus size brands in one place.

Need a dress for a friend’s wedding? We’ve got you covered.

Squat-tested activewear? Walk this way!

Gorgeous bling for all finger sizes? Yes indeed.

But for me, LükBook is about more than just clothes. It’s about centring gorgeous, plus size babes. Despite making up majority of the Australian population, why are we made to feel like an afterthought in fashion?

This is why we run our own in-house photoshoots and invite women of all shapes and sizes to model for us. We want you to see yourself in our clothes. We also refuse to photoshop any of our images, and vocally oppose the idea that clothes should be ‘flattering’. (Curious about why I hate this word? Check out my episode of the Faternise podcast).

LükBook is a love letter to the plus size community…and to 15 year old Katrina, who internalised the idea that she needed to look a certain way to be fashionable.

We all deserve to feel seen and represented in fashion. We’ve waited long enough.

Katrina xx