Want to incorporate some joyful movement into your life in 2023?

It’s January, which means endless ads for gym memberships and exercise programs have taken over the airwaves. It can be hard to ignore this constant barrage of sales pitches, and instead focus on forms of movement that we enjoy.

This is where the concept of joyful movement comes in. Haven’t heard of it? It’s definitely worth a Google, but here’s the summary: joyful movement means moving your body in a way that is enjoyable for you. It’s about reclaiming the enjoyment of physical activity, which for too many of us has been stripped away by years of being told what physical activity SHOULD look like. Guess what? You can embrace joyful movement without ever setting foot in a gym. Wild, we know.

The central focus of joyful movement is enjoyment (duh!).This means that the type of activities we engage in should naturally change depending on our mood, energy levels, schedules and more.

Stuck for inspiration? Here are some forms of movement we’re embracing in 2023:

#1 - Aerial yoga 

Plus size woman doing aerial yoga

Image credit: Cece Olisa

We have gorgeous blogger and influencer Lacey-Jade Christie to thank for this one. We saw TikToks of her trying out aerial yoga, and damn, it looks like fun! Other than aerial yoga seeming like a great time (which is enough reason to give it a whirl) it offers some pretty unique benefits, according to Brisbane-based studio Bend and Fly, including decompressing your spine, and improving circulation. 

Want to give it a go? If you're based in Melbourne, Lacey-Jade recommends Fine Line Studio. She also suggests calling ahead to check with the studio as some don't have the equipment set up for plus bodies (read: there is a weight limit on their rigging).

#2 - Aqua aerobics 

An absolute favourite of our co-founder Katrina, and a perfect excuse to cool off during the Summer months. Katrina says, “I have torn cartilage in my knee, so I try to avoid running and jumping. Deep water aqua is perfect because there’s absolutely no impact! It’s also great for enhancing core strength, which is something I’d like to work on. And the best part: it’s accompanied by great retro tunes and is 100% sweat free!”

Want to give it a go? Most local pools run regular aqua aerobics classes. 

#3 - Burlesque 

Plus size woman performing burlesque

Image credit: Sky Sirens

Before some of you stop reading, let’s set your minds at ease: yes, you can learn burlesque without having to strip down in public. Burlesque classes will typically have you learning a fun, sensual dance. The best part? The burlesque community is incredibly diverse and welcoming of all body shapes, sizes, gender identities, and abilities. We recommend checking out the gorgeous @lottielamont and @mamamedusaa - both absolutely stunning, plus size burlesque artists based in Sydney.

Want to give it a go? As we mentioned, burlesque has a pretty good reputation for being inclusive and welcoming, but it’s worth trying out a couple of different studios to see where you feel most comfortable. If you’re based in Sydney, Sky Sirens is the OG, and both Lottie Lamont and Mama Medusa are teachers there. For Brisbanites, check out Bombshell Burlesque Academy

#4 - Weightlifting

This is co-founder Catherine’s jam. She says, “I absolutely love feeling strong. It’s almost this sense of invincibility - like I can conquer anything! It can seem intimidating at first, so my tip is to find an inclusive studio with a coach who can teach you how to lift properly, without hurting yourself. Please don’t try to go it alone on the gym floor!”

Want to give it a go? Be on the lookout for an inclusive gym in your city or town - no time for toxic fitness culture here! As a Sydneysider, Catherine recommends Kindred Training in Waterloo, or Haven Wellness in Summer Hill. 

#5 - At-home workouts

Image credit: Victoria Stag

Looking for something you can do in the comfort of your own home? We totally get it! Being active in a group setting isn’t for everyone. You might want to check out Yoga for Everyone (a subscription service for guided yoga practice) or Joyn (we’re gutted that they’ve shutdown but you can access their videos for free on YouTube). We’re also incredibly excited that LükBook partner brand Victoria Stag has launched their own 12 session exercise and movement program that you can do from the comfort of your living room. Check it out here.

Of course, one of the best parts about trying a new physical activity is picking out a fabulous new outfit. Check out our collection of activewear, available in sizes 14-38.

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