Thrifty Business - thrifting hacks for size 14+ - Faye De Lanty

Eco stylist, author and Salvo's Ambassador, Faye De Lanty @fayedelanty

Pre-loved fashion presents a wonderful opportunity to add to your wardrobe in a way that is light on both your wallet and the planet. However, when you’re a size 14+ babe, it can take a little extra thought and creativity to find your perfect, thrifted look.

To set you up for success, thrift queen and Salvo’s Australia Ambassador, Faye De Lanty, shared with us her top tips for thrifting success when you’re a size 14+.


Let’s start with the mindset. Thrifting can feel overwhelming at the best of times. Faye’s top tip is knowing your shape and what you feel confident in.

“Don’t let others dictate what you ‘should’ wear or what is ‘flattering’ - fashion is a valuable form of self expression and it’s up to you to determine what makes you feel incredible! Feeling unsure of your style direction? Thrifting can help! It’s basically a giant dress-up box you can experiment with. Try things on, play, and look for clothes that you can wear, not clothes that wear you.”

She also suggests that, if you prefer to go in with a plan, Pinterest and Instagram are great sources of 14+ style inspiration. “Start your own mood boards or keep a file of outfits you love that you can reference when thrifting.”


This one might sound unexpected, especially if you have previously focused on finding items considered ‘flattering’.

Faye says, “You can find incredible tailoring for next to nothing in the men’s section! Often, these pieces look cool and sexy, and highlight your curves. Added bonus: they are less restrictive and have a high-fashion vibe when styled.”

If you want to nail this look, Faye suggests choosing quality fabrics and tailored cuts over quantity.


Too often we get caught up on the number on that pair of jeans or jacket, which is incredibly frustrating given there is no universal standard when it comes to women’s fashion sizing. When thrifting, it is even more important to consider how things fit rather than the number on the tag, as sizing has changed significantly over the years.

Faye suggests also leaning into oversized pieces, saying, “These are incredible to style as you can drape off the shoulder, cinch and manipulate how you want the garment to look.”


If you’re buying a jacket for hundreds of dollars, taking to it with a pair of scissors might seem crazy - this is where thrifting offers an exceptional opportunity for you to customise garments to fit - no sewing skills required!

Faye’s top tips? “If the sleeve lining on a jacket, pants or skirt is too tight, simply cut it out! Jeans too long? Crop and fray the bottoms for a distressed look that will show off your shoes and ankles.”


Accessories are key to elevating your look! In the words of style icon, Iris April, “More is more and less is just a bore!”

Faye echoes this sentiment, suggesting “When thrifting, make sure to have a poke around the accessories section for brooches, statement jewellery, a great shoe, or a stand-out handbag. And don’t forget the power of scarves! Try adding a scarf tucked under a belt to create a stunning asymmetrical panel to layer over jeans or a skirt.”

The moral of the story? Have fun and play!

Want to learn more about thrifting? Check out Faye’s recent Studio 10 segment on Thrifting the Runway, or pick up a copy of her book, Opshopulence: How to Make Thrift Store Look Like Couture and Save the Planet

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