New year, new lük

Why we’re entering 2023 with a new spelling

As you might have noticed, LükBook has entered 2023 with a fresh new lük (pun intended) and fresh new spelling! Overwhelmingly, our customers have loved the change, and some were keen to understand how it came about.

There’s only so much you can fit into an Instagram caption, so we hope you’ll indulge us in a longer summary of our journey over the past year, and how this has informed our decision to change our name.

In short: in changing from LeukBook to LükBook, we’re putting ‘U’ front and centre. What does this mean? 

Putting U into our fashion

Many people won’t know that our journey to create LükBook started a full year before our website went live. The reason for this was simple: while our co-founders are both plus size women, and have been since they were around 13 (which was rough in early 2000s Australia, let us tell you!), we knew that our own experiences weren’t sufficient. We needed to talk to as many plus women as possible to understand what was and wasn’t working for them when they were shopping for clothes. 

All up, we took onboard the views of around 2,000 women, and this formed the backbone of our business. From the look and feel of the site, to the brands we partner with, and the availability of incredible stylists, LükBook is a destination that has been built by and for plus women.

Putting U into our photoshoots

You might have heard the saying ‘you can’t be what you can’t see’. From day one, we observed a shortage of beautiful, fashion-forward imagery of gorgeous plus babes. And what we did see was often focused on a single shape/ size/ aesthetic: that of the ‘traditional’ plus model, which isn’t very diverse nor inclusive.

So we started running our own, in-house editorial shoots. We have run five so far, and this imagery makes up most of our social media posts. While we do occasionally use signed models, we are incredibly proud that the majority of our models are our customers, and they represent the various sizes, shapes, ages, and cultural heritages of Australian plus women.  And in case you’re wondering about our national TV slots, yes, the stunning models we featured were our customers!

P.s. Please drop us an email to if you’re interested in modelling for us - we are always on the lookout for fresh faces!

Writing about the topics U want to hear

From unpacking body neutrality, through to the intersectional identities of some of our favourite plus babes, and tackling the dreaded f word (flattering), we listen to the discussions going on in the media, and add to them through nuanced articles and media commentary.

Why do we do this? After all, it doesn’t help us sell clothes. It’s because at the end of the day, we want to be more than that. The LükBook team is made up of talented, insightful women, and we want to contribute to what are important conversations for our customers. Too often, topics of relevance to the plus community are written ABOUT us, not BY us.


So there you have it. At first glance, changing one letter in our brand might seem insignificant, but for us, it represents us leaning into our mission as a company. LükBook is a fashion revolution, created by and for the plus community.

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