Embrace Quiet Luxury: A Plus Size Guide to Timeless Fashion

If you spend time on social media or are a fan of Succession, you've likely heard the term 'quiet luxury.' This concept has garnered significant attention over the past year, and ironically, it’s not a trend at all.

Quiet luxury offers an alternative approach to fashion that prioritizes subtle elegance, timeless style, and understated sophistication.

What is Quiet Luxury?

Quiet luxury stands against fleeting trends and conspicuous branding. Instead, it celebrates craftsmanship, exceptional quality, and refined details. Imagine a supple leather handbag with no discernible brand name or logo or a well-fitted woollen jumper. This style focuses on timeless, high-quality pieces rather than loud, branded items.

So, how can you incorporate this trend into a plus size wardrobe?

TIP 1: Focus on Timeless Pieces

A core principle of quiet luxury is the emphasis on timeless items. Consider the durable, quality fabrics like cotton, linen, or wool in your wardrobe that you’ve worn for years. These pieces don't lean heavily into trends and remain relevant season after season.

Investing in timeless pieces makes economic sense. The more you wear a garment, the lower its cost per wear. For example, a classic denim jacket from your early 20s has likely paid for itself many times over, unlike a trend-driven dress worn only a few times. Quality, timeless pieces might cost more upfront but will help you cultivate a sophisticated, enduring wardrobe.

TIP 2: Make a Statement with Minimalism

Minimalist aesthetics are the foundation of quiet luxury. Clean lines, neutral colour palettes, and uncluttered silhouettes allow the quality of pieces to speak for themselves, rather than relying on flashy logos.

This approach is about showcasing confidence and self-assuredness without brand names. Focus on the craftsmanship and material quality, reflecting a sophisticated and modest budget.

TIP 3: Focus on Sustainability

Quiet luxury aligns with sustainability and ethical practices. By focusing on quality and craftsmanship, it encourages conscious consumption and reduces dependence on fast fashion. At LükBook, we prioritise partnering with sustainable, Australian-made fashion brands.

Investing in well-made, long-lasting pieces reduces your environmental impact and supports a more sustainable fashion industry. It helps you step off the fast fashion treadmill, allowing you to buy what aligns with your personal aesthetic and values.

TIP 4: Embrace Your Personal Style

Quiet luxury does not mean boring. There is no requirement to dress in muted tones if that’s not your style. Love emerald green? Add it to your winter wardrobe with a fabulous wool scarf. A fan of bling? Seek out fantastic vintage jewellery.

Quiet luxury encourages embracing your personal style. Rather than following trends, lean into your individual preferences. Choose pieces that resonate with your authentic self and confidently present your take on quiet luxury to the world.

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