Brighten your winter wardrobe with colour blocking

LükBook Master Stylist, Jennifer Mancuso, shares her tips for dopamine dressing. Like what she has to say? She is now accepting bookings for styling sessions. 

It's hard not to notice the rainbow of saturated colour trend that has flooded the market recently. 

Trends tend to echo the wider socioeconomic climate, and this trend is no exception. After wearing sweats and active wear for the best part of two years, it’s no surprise that our group think is all about being seen and celebrating like it’s 2019. Not to mention, after seasons and seasons of neutrals, this colour splash is a sartorial breath of fresh air!

If you are anything like me and live your life in monochrome and neutral tones, these vivid hues might seem intimidating at first, but fear not- I have three tried and true formulas for styling brights like a pro, graded in ascending order from effortless day wear to something a little more spicy! 

Level 1: Team it with a neutral

Image credits (L-R): @katiesturino, @curvesandconfidence​​

No doubt we all have a neutral or two lurking in our closets, especially if you have a great foundation of staples in your wardrobe (gold star for you!). If you are curious about brights but just wanting to dip a toe in the water, neutrals are your best friend.

Now, when I refer to neutrals, I am referring to colours like browns (think chocolate or camel hues), crisp whites, soft champagnes tones, and denim. These subdued tones pair effortlessly with colour and help to balance your outfit and prevent it from looking too loud.

If you are particularly feeling neons then camel tones can provide a chic pairing. Think pops of tangerine or neon yellow back with a camel blazer for a dream colour combo.

Approach black with a level of caution. As black is a heavily saturated tone, adding another saturated tone to the mix will keep the look quite statement. If that's what you are going for than great! However if you are looking to blend your colours more seamlessly into your look, neutrals are your best bet.

If all else fails, try a pop of colour in your shoes back with your usual outfits to give a subtle nod to the trend without diving in head first.

Level 2: Go tonal

Image credits (L-R): @katiesturino, @glamazondiaries​​

Tonal dressing has been a huge trend over the last few years and it translates perfectly from neutral looks to colourful looks. There is no denying the aesthetic appeal of a tonal outfit, not to mention how easy it is to put a look together in the mornings.

This look works best with tailored pieces such as a gorgeous, bright suit, to turn heads at your next Friday night drinks. The tailoring plays off the colour and delivers an on trend yet chic look.

My other rule of thumb with tonal dressing is to always buy the coord if it's available. We are spoilt for choice in the market right now with so many matching sets available. The beauty of a matching set is that it can be worn at least three ways- as a tonal set, as a separate top, and separate bottom. You will never regret buying the set. Styling yourself in the morning has never been so quick and easy!

Level 3: Be bold and colour clash

Image credits (L-R): Glamour magazine, Elle magazine​​

Finally, if you are feeling like you want to go all in on a joyful outfit, consider colour blocking with clashing colours! This look lends itself so well to the saturated colour trend and is surprisingly easy to navigate if you are willing. 

I would recommend sticking with two solid colours and run them through your look, linking them together with accessories like a bold clutch or a fun strappy sandal.

As far as matching the colours- don’t overthink it. A quick search on Pinterest will verify that pretty much anything goes when it comes to this look.

Some of my favourite combos I have seen are hot pink and green, or tangerine and cobalt.

The important thing with the bright colour trend is to have fun and play. Fashion is supposed to be fun and a form of self-expression. For the die-hard monochrome fans out there, I dare you to give this trend a chance this season.

It’s near impossible to have a bad day when you are dressed like a rainbow!

Book a styling session with Jennifer today and get started with dopamine dressing!

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