Brand spotlight: Lulah Co - activewear that embraces your curves

A group of plus size women pose in activewear

We are delighted to welcome an exciting, new activewear brand, Lulah Co, to LükBook! Lulah is a brand created by and for the plus size community, and has developed a cult following since launching in early 2023.

They are also LükBook's FIRST NZ-BASED BRAND! Yes, that's right - we're ‘crossing the ditch’!

LükBook CEO, Katrina Van De Ven, recently sat down for a chat with Lulah Co's Founder and CEO, Nicole Gaviria.

Katrina: Tell us about your 'why' for creating Lulah Co

Nicole: My 'why' for creating Lulah Co is deeply rooted in my passion for body positivity and empowering plus-size women. As a body image and eating awareness therapist, I have listened to my clients' struggles with fitspo and diet culture, and it struck a chord with me. I've personally experienced the challenges of finding activewear that caters to plus-size women, especially during my own journey of being different body shapes and sizes.

I remember the frustration of not being able to find activewear that made me feel comfortable and confident while practicing yoga. I was even body shamed in a major activewear brand's store, which left a lasting impact on me. That's when I realised there was a need for a safe and inclusive brand where plus-size women could explore joyful movement without judgment or limitations.

With this vision in mind, I launched Lulah Co in February this year. My mission is to create beautiful and inclusive activewear for the curve community, a brand that celebrates every body and promotes body positivity. Lulah Co is not just about selling clothes; it's about creating a movement, a platform where women can feel empowered and embrace their bodies, no matter their size. Through Lulah Co, I want to break the barriers and stereotypes surrounding plus-size fashion and encourage women to love themselves as they are.

I want to build a brand that represents a safe and supportive community for women of all shapes and sizes, to challenge societal norms, and to inspire others to follow their dreams and create a positive impact in the world. I'm dedicated to making a difference, and I hope that Lulah Co can be a source of empowerment and positivity for all the people it touches.

Image: Nicole Gaviria, Founder and CEO, Lulah Co

Katrina: What, in your opinion, do plus size women want out of their activewear?

Nicole: In my opinion, there are four key things plus-size women want out of their activewear:

#1 - Comfort and Fit

Comfort is a top priority for plus-size women when it comes to activewear. They want clothes that fit well, move with their bodies, and don't cause any discomfort or irritation during physical activities. We have all experienced activewear that slips and rolls, or does us dirty by going see through during a squat. A well-designed piece of activewear can boost confidence and make one feel good about themselves while being active.

#2 - Functionality

Activewear needs to be functional and practical. Plus-size women want clothes that support a wide range of movements and activities without compromising on style.

#3 - Durability

Quality matters, and plus-size women want activewear that is durable and can withstand regular use and washing. They expect their clothes to hold up well over time. So many brands who offer a curve range compromise on quality, I have made sure to offer LUXE fabric that is anti-fade, holds up well in the wash, and does not sag or shrink over time.

#4 - Style

Plus-size women are fashion-conscious and want activewear that reflects their personal style. They want trendy, stylish options that allow them to express themselves while being active. There are so many misconceptions around plus size bodies and fashion. The days of hideous plus size styles are over- curvy women don't want to dress in frilly florals with a cold shoulder. They want to have the option to wear what everyone else is wearing. At Lulah Co, we are starting small with our range, but we have plans to expand our range and we promise, it will always be chic and totally gorgeous.

Katrina: Tell us about the features of your product - why are they so amazing for plus size bodies?

Nicole: At Lulah Co, our product is specially designed with plus-size bodies in mind, we are an exclusively curve brand! 

We understand that every curvy body is unique, and that's why our activewear is thoughtfully tailored to fit the widest range of shapes and sizes of curvy bodies. Our designs embrace your curves and provide a comfortable and supportive fit that allows you to move with confidence during any activity. We have added design features such as an extra high rise, extra wide band that sits in the perfect spot above your navel. This means no slipping or rolling. We've got DOUBLE POCKETS , because we know that when you're out in your leggings, you're getting stuff done and need all your bits and bobs. Our LUXE fabric is also buttery soft, breathable with a cotton gusset that keeps you fresh and cool, and avoids camel toe and chaffing.

Inclusive Sizing Range: Inclusivity is at the core of what we do. We offer a wide range of sizes to ensure that all plus-size women can find the perfect fit for them, regardless of their body shape or size. Our range is exclusively curve, starting at a size 14 and going to a size 30. I aspire to keep expanding our size range as Lulah Co grows, watch this space!

Katrina: What is your personal movement philosophy?

Nicole: For me, movement is about so much more than just exercise- it's a beautiful journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance. I used to be caught up in the world of diet culture and fitspo, pushing myself to follow the latest trends and programs. I was a plus size yoga teacher and was surrounded by individuals who didn't look or move like me. It left me feeling drained and disconnected from my own body as I never felt good enough in the fitness space. I spent years trying to fit into their mould, and ultimately quit teaching and practicing yoga all together because I lost the heart for what I was doing.

I decided to break free from those influences and embrace joyful movement. I stopped moving all together for a while, and have let myself return to movement on my own terms, and in my own time. It's been an incredible transformation! Now, I prioritize listening to my body and moving in ways that genuinely bring me joy. Whether it's dancing, doing yoga, or simply taking a leisurely stroll in nature, I've learned to let go of expectations and embrace what feels good for me.

Katrina: Why are you excited to be partnering with LükBook?

Nicole: I am absolutely thrilled to be partnering with LükBook! This collaboration is a match made in heaven because we both share a deep passion for creating an inclusive and inspiring space for plus-size women to embrace fashion and feel fabulous.

LükBook's aligns perfectly with the core values of Lulah Collective. We believe that every body is beautiful and deserving of fashionable and comfortable clothing options. Partnering with LükBook allows us to expand our reach and provide even more plus-size women with activewear they will love.

Getting to know you has been such an incredible experience. As entrepreneurs and peers in the fashion world, we resonate with each other's visions and missions. We both understand the importance of building a supportive community and celebrating the beauty of all body types. We are social justice warriors who have felt frustrated by the fashion industry and have built a brand to do something about it- gotta love a sister in arms!

I can't wait to see how our partnership with LükBook unfolds. Together, we can further each other's missions and empower even more plus-size women to love themselves and their style. This collaboration is a celebration and a powerful step towards creating a world where all women feel seen, valued, and celebrated.

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