7 fabrics to keep you cool, calm and collected this summer

Plus size woman poses in white linen dress

Summer is nearly upon us: a season of sun-kissed days, beach vacations, and outdoor adventures. 

It's also a season of sweltering heat and humidity…and too often thigh chafe! The key to staying cool and comfortable in the summer heat lies in choosing the right fabrics for your clothing. 

So, let's dive in and explore the best fabrics to wear in summer, allowing you to look stylish while beating the heat.

1 - All hail cotton!

When it comes to summer clothing, cotton takes the crown as the go-to fabric for keeping you cool. 

Its natural breathability and moisture-wicking properties make it an ideal choice for those hot, sticky days. Even better? Cotton allows air to circulate and absorbs sweat, leaving your skin feeling dry and comfortable. Whether it's a lightweight cotton T-shirt, a crisp cotton dress, or a pair of comfortable cotton shorts, this versatile fabric is a summer essential.

2 - Let the linen in

Linen is another of our go-to summer fabrics, known for its lightweight and breathable qualities. It's made from the flax plant, which makes it eco-friendly and sustainable. 

Linen clothing feels cool against the skin and has a relaxed, laid-back look that's perfect for the season.  Pro tip: while linen can wrinkle easily, its natural wrinkles are often considered part of its charm…it DOES NOT need to be ironed. From linen shirts and blouses to pants and summer suits, this fabric embodies effortless elegance in the heat.

3 - Enchant, chambray

Chambray is often referred to as "lightweight denim" and is a great alternative to traditional jeans in the summer. It's made from a plain weave of cotton, giving it a denim-like appearance but with a softer, more breathable feel. 

Chambray shirts and dresses are popular choices for a laid-back, casual summer look. They offer the durability and style of denim without the heavy, suffocating feel. SIgn us up!

4 - A sucker for seersucker

Seersucker is a puckered, lightweight fabric that's been a summer staple for generations. 

Why? Its distinctive texture allows the fabric to stand away from the skin, creating tiny air pockets that provide ventilation. Seersucker is commonly used for summer suits, blazers, and dresses, making it a fashionable choice for both formal and casual occasions. Its crisp appearance and timeless appeal make it a must-have for summer events.

5 - Rayon: silk sans the price tag

Rayon, often called "artificial silk," is a synthetic fabric that offers a silky, soft feel while being much more breathable than actual silk. It drapes beautifully and is comfortable to wear in hot weather. 

Rayon dresses, blouses, and skirts are known for their versatility and flowy appearance. This fabric is a perfect choice for those looking for elegance and comfort.

6 - Tencel: you won't believe it's wool!

Tencel, also known as Lyocell, is an eco-friendly fabric made from wood pulp, typically sourced from eucalyptus trees. This sustainable material is soft, lightweight, and highly breathable, making it an excellent choice for summer. 

Tencel clothing is not only kind to the environment but also to your skin, as it provides moisture-wicking and antibacterial properties (ie. no more chafe!). It's commonly used for summer dresses, tops, and skirts.

7 - Modal a la mode

Modal is a semi-synthetic fabric made from beech tree pulp. It's incredibly soft, smooth, and moisture-wicking, making it a comfortable choice for summer wear. 

Modal fabric drapes beautifully and resists wrinkling, making it suitable for a variety of clothing items, from T-shirts and loungewear to summer dresses. Its silky texture and breathability ensure you stay cool throughout the hot months.

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